Witcher 3 – Mods and keyboard Layout

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Keyboard Layout

List of All Mods

New install and  reinstall mods

Autoloot http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/1996?

Unifcation overrides  content/content0/scripts + got base scripts

Unification patch for 1.31 and 1.31GOTY game versions

Friendly HUD needs settings

What not yet reinstalled:

  • Absolute Camera
  • Time scale (fails)
  • Better Icons (fails)
  • Disable storybook videos
  • Improved Sign effects
  • Stack your Items (alrdy patched)
  • The Witcher 3 – HD Reworked Project
  • STLM 3.0 ( now instead 2.2.1)
  • Autoloot full (instead of other)
  • Minimap zoom (replaced by friendlyHUD)



Friendly HUD


Needs some More Tweaking

Default key bindings
“F2” – cycle through 3D quest markers/compass display modes (witcher senses/always show/never show);
“F3” – additional user 3D markers on/off;
F10” (controller Left Thumb) – essential HUD modules on/off;
F11” – pause/unpause the game;
“~” – switch between crossbow and selected bomb;
“Esc (press controller Select button)” – menu in dialogs/scenes;
“Hold Right Shift” – pin module modifier (hold RShift and press M to pin minimap module, for example).
“1-9, 0, -, =” – drink potions/equip bombs/apply oils in radial menu;
“F1” – show potions in radial menu;
“F2” – show bombs in radial menu;
“F3” – show oils in radial menu;
“F4” – show currently active buffs in radial menu;
“Q (controller Y button)” – cycle through potions/bombs/oils/buffs in radial menu;
“Controller D-Pad arrows” (or WASD if corresponding option is enabled) – navigate quick items list in radial
“Controller Right Thumb” (or “C” if corresponding option is enabled) – drink selected potion/equip selected
bomb/apply selected oil in radial menu;
“Hold M” – show minimap temporarily;
“Hold J” – show tracked quest objectives temporarily;
“Hold K” – show character modules temporarily;
“Hold Enter” – show essential modules temporarily;
“Hold controller Back button” – inventory menu.

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