Selling books

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Places to sell your books for good money

P.S. You can also make 127 Crowns on books alone every second day in Novigrad, the bookstore at Hierarch Square. It’s somewhat hidden but easy to find if you know how: If you stand with your front towards the Fast Travelling post at Hierarch Square, then turn left and follow the pathway until you have to either leave the square or turn left once more. Here you take the left turn again, head under the pillars where you’ll find the store. It’s front is in dark brown wood and the door has frames with patted glass.(If you head past the store and continue to the next corner of the square, you’ll find the armor blacksmith, and left-wards to the final corner you find – just before the pathwak out of the square) Vivaldi’s Bank where you can convert any strange cons you may have picked up during your questing. Halfway leftwards back towards the Fast Travel post you’ll find an herbalist with herbs for sale more or less at the middle of the square. These are the only merchants available to PC players though there are plenty more of them, you just can’t engage them in anything other than sying “Hello!” and them replying “Huh?” or something like that – sometimes right after having invited you to come closer and look at their wares).

other place:

The alchemist at north island of Novigrad buys them at 6c each IIRC. That’s the merchant paying the highest for them that I know of.

So the hint here? Instead of just selling your books for 1 crown at some random merchant, go to the square in Novigrad and sell them to the book merchant there. He will give the full price for them, and there is some 500-600 in his starting capital. He wont be there all day though, so if he isn’t there, just meditate until he appears.

UPDATE So a lot of you asked who the merchant is. Here he is. He is found around 7pm ingame as you can see. But he isn’t there all the time.

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