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Maps and Legends

Mass Effect: Andromeda Map Legend


Quest Starter Locations

Forward Stations

Tempest landing area



Remnant Monoliths

Remnant Areas

Remnant Locations

Kett Base

Kett Outpost



Cave Entrance

Normal Containers

Supply Crates

Hostile encounters

Scan and examine

Memory Triggers

Remnant Architect

Potential mining Locations

Enchanced Mining Zone you need AVP perk unlocked.

Interactable – less important interactable objects in the game.

Hidden Cache Small hidden containers containing valuable equipment.

Vendors You can buy and sell your stuff here. You can also salvage unwanted items.


Denuvo – Crackwatch – overview

New Cracks

NameReleasedCrackedByDenuvo removed?Denuvo Variant
Constructor HD2017-05-262017-06-14CPY 1 4
WRC 6 FIA2016-10-142017-06-15STEAMPUNKS 1 3
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition2017-04-072017-06-16Baldman 1 4
Total War: Warhammer2016-05-242017-06-17STEAMPUNKS 2 2
Dead Rising 42017-03-142017-06-18Baldman 2 4
Moto Racer 42016-11-032017-06-19STEAMPUNKS 3 3
Minecraft W10 Edition2015-07-292017-06-24Tox1cUWP Bypassed 
Dragon Quest Heroes II2017-04-252017-06-25Baldman 3 4
F1 20162016-08-192017-06-26STEAMPUNKS 4 2
Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul2017-03-162017-06-26Baldman 4 4




NameReleasedCrackedByDenuvo removed?Denuvo Variant
God Eater 2: Rage Burst2015-02-192017-01-22CPY 3
FIFA 162015-09-22 Bypassed by Turk DM 2
God Eater Resurrection2015-10-292016-11-08CPY 3
Just Cause 32015-12-012017-02-28CPY 2
Rise of the Tomb Raider (All DLC’s)2016-01-282016-08-08CPY 2
Far Cry: Primal2016-03-012017-01-08CPY + CODEX 2
Hitman2016-03-112017-03-15CPY 2
Adr1ft2016-03-282017-06-09STEAMPUNKS 2
Homefront: The Revolution2016-05-172017-03-06PLAZA2
Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst2016-06-072016-10-02CPY 2
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter2016-06-102017-02-28CPY 2
ABZÛ2016-08-022017-06-12STEAMPUNKS 2
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided2016-08-232016-11-10CPY 3
Champions of Anteria2016-08-302016-12-25CPY + CODEX 3
Pro Evolution Soccer 20172016-09-302016-10-27CPY 3
Battlefield 12016-10-212017-02-05CPY 3
Yesterday Origins2016-11-102016-11-10ALI213 (Fixed by SKIDROW) unprotected exe
Dishonored 22016-11-112017-06-05STEAMPUNKS 3
Planet Coaster2016-11-172017-06-10STEAMPUNKS 3
Watch Dogs 22016-11-292017-01-18CPY + CODEX 3
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard2017-01-242017-01-29CPY (5 days!) 3
Tales of Berseria2017-01-272017-02-17CPY 3
Conan: Exiles2017-01-31 DRM free leaked 3
NieR: Automata2017-03-192017-05-07Baldman 4
Mass Effect Andromeda 1.052017-03-242017-05-04CPY 4
Syberia 32017-04-202017-04-23SomeRandomAntiDenuvoGuyunprotected exe
Sniper Ghost Warrior 32017-04-252017-05-07Baldman 4
Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III2017-04-272017-06-13Baldman + Voksi 4
Prey2017-05-052017-05-14Baldman (9 days!)/CPY 4
RiME2017-05-262017-06-01Baldman (6 days!)4
Tekken 72017-06-022017-06-06Baldman (4 days! Absolute madman) 4


FIFA 152014-09-232015-02-013DM (Fixed by CPY)
Lords of the Fallen2014-10-282015-07-26CPY
Dragon Age Inquisition2014-11-182014-12-183DM (Fixed by CPY)
Battlefield Hardline2015-03-172015-08-13CPY
Batman Arkham Knight2015-06-232015-07-28CPY
Mad Max2015-09-012015-10-203DM (Fixed by CPY)
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain2015-09-012015-09-103DM (Fixed by CPY)


NameReleasedDenuvo Variant
Star Wars: Battlefront§2015-11-172
Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare 2§2016-02-232
Need For Speed§2016-03-152
Total War: Warhammer2016-05-242
F1 20162016-08-192
Fernbus Simulator2016-08-253
FIFA 172016-09-273
WRC 6 FIA2016-10-143
Just Dance 20172016-10-253
Titanfall 2§2016-10-283
Moto Racer 42016-11-033
Football Manager 20172016-11-043
Handball 172016-11-113
Dead Rising 42016-12-064
For Honor§2017-02-133
Sniper Elite 42017-02-143
Ghost Recon Wildlands2017-03-074
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition2017-04-074
Dragon Quest Heroes II2017-04-254
Constructor HD2017-05-264


Get EvenA2017-06-23
Agents of Mayhem2017-08-15
F1 2017A2017-08-25
Dishonored: Death of the OutsiderA2017-09-15
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018A2017-09-16
Marvel vs. Capcom: InfiniteA2017-09-19
Total War: Warhammer 2A2017-09-28
FIFA 182017-09-29
Middle-earth: Shadow of WarA2017-10-10
The Evil Within 2A2017-10-13
South Park: The Fractured but Whole2017-10-17
Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusA2017-10-27
Assassin’s Creed: Origins2017-10-27
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant KingdomA2017-11-10
Need For Speed Payback2017-11-10
Star Wars Battlefront II2017-11-17
Far Cry 52018-02-27
The Crew 22018-03-31
Metal Gear SurviveATBA 2017
Lords of the Fallen 2ATBA 2017
Sonic ForcesATBA 2017
AnthemTBA 2018
A Way OutTBA 2018
Ace Combat 7: Skies UnknownATBA 2018
Metro ExodusATBA 2018
Sea of SolitudeTBA
Beyond Good & Evil 2TBA



Gears of War UE2016-03-01 Bypassed
Quantum Break2016-04-052016-09-29Bypassed by Disyer, cracked by SKIDROW
Forza Horizon 32016-09-27 Bypassed by Opusdev


Gears of War 42016-10-11
Halo Wars 22017-02-17


Forza Motorsport 72017-10-03
Crackdown 32017-11-07
Sea of ThievesTBA 2018
State of Decay 2TBA 2018

† English localization came later (06/28/2016)
‡ English localization came later (06/30/2016)
§ Online only

A – Not confirmed but based on assumption that the game will use Denuvo because of the previous uses of Denuvo by the publisher. These games may not have Denuvo on their release.

As of 2017-05-30 VR games are removed from the list.


Special thanks to u/MrAxlee for reorganizing and making the table look better

Quests Types – Items – Mods

Quest Types

Strike Teams (online only)

are a side activity in Mass Effect Andromeda which consists of sending NPC Teams on missions in order to earn rewards which are collected in the single player campaign. (War Room)

Missions Types

Priority Ops

These are main story missions and are required to complete the game.

Allies and Relationships

These are missions provided by squadmates and other notable NPCs.

Heleus Assignments

These are planet and ship specific missions. Completing them will help increase the overall Viability for that planet. They are also often required to gain the trust of other factions native to those planets.

Additional Tasks

These are tasks that are not closely related to the overall

List of consumables

NameDescriptionGameplay effect
Backup Life SupportBoosts life-support capacity and allows a user to survive hazardous environments longer outside of the Nomad. No effect on combat.Decreases hazard damage to life-support gauge
Cobra RPGCapable of taking down most enemies with a single projectile.Deals a large amount of damage over an area
Damage dealt is scaled based on type of enemy hit
Instantly destroys most standard infantry
Overdrive PackImmediately reloads all weapons, recharges all powers, and temporarily boosts accuracy and damage reduction.Accuracy increased by 25%
+25 Damage Resistance
Refills ammo, resets power recharges
Shield CapacitorsBoosts maximum shields. Restores current shielding to the new maximum. The boost lasts until shields are broken.Increases Max Shields by 20%, which can be increased with Consumable Effectiveness upgrades
Lasts until shields are broken
Cryo AmmoShots slow enemies and deal moderate bonus damage to armor. Lasts for the next three clips of the currently equipped gun.Adds freezing effect to ammo: 3 * Weapon Clip Size
Disruptor AmmoShots stun enemies and deal large bonus damage to shields. Lasts for the next three clips of the currently equipped gun.Adds stun/electricity effect to ammo: 3 * Weapon Clip Size
Incendiary AmmoShots burn enemies and deal large bonus damage to armor. Lasts for the next three clips of the currently equipped gun.Adds burn effect to ammo: 3 * Weapon Clip Size

Weapon Mod Info and List

Below is a list of all available mods types for each gun and what they do. These are the base mods that increase 1 stat. There are also advanced mods that will increase 1 stat and lower another. The types of stats on these advanced mods are the same as the normal mods.

mass effect andromeda weapon mods

Assault Rifle
  • AR Barrel: Increases Base Weapon Damage
  • AR Magazine: Increases magazine size
  • AR Receiver: Increases penetration damage and distance, allowing you to shoot through solid objects.
  • AR Scope: Puts a scope on the weapon that lets you zoom in and increases weapon accuracy.
  • AR Stock: Increases base weapon stability, making it easier to control.
  • Pistol Barrel: Increases Base Weapon Damage
  • Pistol Magazine: Increases magazine size
  • Pistol Receiver: Increases penetration damage and distance, allowing you to shoot through solid objects.
  • Pistol Scope: Puts a scope on the weapon that lets you zoom in and increases weapon accuracy.
  • Pistol Melee Optimizer: Increases melee damage
  • Shotgun BarrelIncreases Base Weapon Damage
  • Shotgun Melee Optimizer: Increases melee damage
  • Shotgun Receiver: Increases penetration damage and distance, allowing you to shoot through solid objects.
  • Shotgun Smart Choke: Tightens bullet spread for increased accuracy
  • Shotgun Spare Clip: Increases spare ammo capacity.
Sniper Rifle
  • SR Barrel: Increases Base Weapon Damage
  • SR Spare Thermal Clip: Increases spare ammo capacity.
  • SR Receiver: Increases penetration damage and distance, allowing you to shoot through solid objects.
  • SR ScopeIncreases base weapon accuracy and stability while zoomed.
  • SR Ultralight Materials: Reduces sniper rifle’s weight. This is useful if you don’t have 100% power recharge so your powers can recharge faster.

Weapon Mods in more details link ->

Fusion Mods & How to Get Them

These are mods that you get by completing vaults on each planet, or completing something through a quest or by killing an architect.

mass effect andromeda fusion mod

Armor Mods




Where to Get

Fusion Mod of Shielding+50% Max Shields-50% Max HealthEos vault
Fusion Mod of Robotics+25% Tech Construct Health, +25% Tech Construct Damage-50% Max ShieldsHavarl vault
Fusion Mod of AdrenalineOn Kill: Recharge All Active Powers-50% All Power Recharge SpeedsVoeld vault
Fusion Mod of Resistance+20 Damage ResistanceOn Evade: -50 HealthIn Room after Dying Planet quest puzzle
Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment+50% All Power Recharge Speeds-30% Weapon DamageKadara vault
Fusion Mod of Rupture+25% Weapon Headshot/Weak Point Bonus-70% Weapon Clip SizeElaaden vault
Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery+30% Biotic Power Damage-20% Melee/Weapon/Tech Power/Combat Power DamageEos: Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Hovering+100% Hover Duration-30% Weapon DamageVoeld: Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery+30% Tech Power Damage-20% Melee/Weapon/Biotic Power/Combat Power DamageElaaden: Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Battering+30% Melee Damage-20% Weapon/Tech/Biotic Power/Combat Power DamageKadara: Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Health+100% Max Health-50% Max ShieldsAfter defeating the Archon’s Sword at the Remnant City

Remark: CryoPod:

Fusion Mod Support, which decreases by half the penalty of a equipped Fusion Mod – instead of -50% health points, you will lose only 25%, instead of -30% penalty to weapon damage it will only be -15% and so on.